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Let the professionals at Murray Air Conditioning help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing heating and air conditioning equipment.

Murray Air Conditioning is proud to install and service quality air conditioning products. Call us today to schedule a service appointment or for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine the perfect system for your home or business. 

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Our Services

  • Residential and commercials sales service
  • We service ALL makes and models
  • Free 2nd opinion on all major repairs
  • Licensed, certified and insured
  • 100% guarantee on our work
  • Professional technicians
  • Financing on all new installations with approved credit
  • No charge for travel time
  • Environmentally conscious 
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Customer Review Customer Review

Mary Johnson
San Antonio, Tx

Excellent Work!
When it comes to quality of work the guys over at Murray AC are second to none. I have brought some seriously strange and rare problems to them and each and every time they are able to solve the problem without breaking a sweat....

Finance Financing Options

  • Flexible Financing Options
  • Convenient Monthly Payments
  • Quick Credit Decision


AC Tips

  • Keep ceiling fans on to help keep the temperature more balanced between the ceiling and the floor.
  • Never add refrigerant to a system because your system has a leak that needs to be fixed FIRST!
  • Never let leaves or tall grass build up around and inside your outside AC unit.
  • Do not build or place any objects next to or on top your outside AC unit

AC Tips

  • Check your air filter every month to make sure it is clean and replace regularly.
  • Replace every 30 to 90 depending on how dirty they appear.         
  • Make sure you wash the condenser coil once a year. 
  • Setting your thermostat to a warmer temperature when you are away as this reduces the power usage of your unit.

AC Tips

  • Clean away any debris build up from inside the unit.       
  • Don’t leave your house and turn off the AC. 
  • Turning it back on will make the A/C work harder to cool the house and take a long time.
  • Keep shades drawn and blinds down during the day to keep the heat from direct sunlight from warming your house.

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